Meet the Team

Keri Newell and Dr. Sherie Zander

A mother/daughter team, are dedicated to helping women have successful communication with the men in their lives. They educate and inspire women to use their feminine power to create amazing relationships that are loving, satisfying, and fulfilling.

Known as the “Can’t Love Without It” relationship success expert, Keri Newell has shared her expertise on the importance of good communication and the male/female differences with couples around the world.

Raised in Los Angeles, Keri has always been a keen observer of the interactions between men and women. Her maternal grandparents divorced before she was born, and her parents divorced when she was a teenager. When her own marriage ended after five years, Keri was determined to find out what was going on. Why did these relationships begin so well and end so painfully? What was God’s plan design for women? Men?

After many years of research, Keri and her mother, Dr. Sherie Zander, developed a time-tested system called “Can’t Love Without It”. A few years later, Keri followed up with “Can’t Date Without It”, a program to help single women date successfully and find the relationship that God had intended for them. Recently she adapted these successful strategies for women in the workplace and created “Can’t Succeed Without It”.

Now completely at ease with men, Keri looks forward to her interactions with them. Because of her insights and understanding of the male mind, she knows she’ll not only be heard, understood, and respected, but the results she achieves are often better than she could have imagined. Keri has come to love and appreciate all the men in her life and is passionate about helping other women experience this for themselves.

For over 38 years, “Dr. Sherie” has had a private practice specializing in relationships and couple communication.

An insightful, compassionate and highly skilled psychotherapist and a Christian believer, Dr. Sherie has dedicated her life to helping others overcome emotional barriers and learn strategies for successful personal relationships.

Her interest in this field began as a teenager when her mother and father divorced after many years of marriage, leaving her shocked and devastated. When her own marriage of 20 years ended, she was heartbroken and struggled to understand how two people who love each other could so deeply misunderstand and hurt one another. She became determined to discover the secret formula to creating a loving, lasting relationship.

Despite being a licensed and practicing marriage and family therapist, Dr. Sherie realized that she lacked one key piece of knowledge — she really didn’t understand men. Her doctoral dissertation for her Ph.D. in Psychology was on “Male Inexpression of Emotion,” a subject she found fascinating, as it focused on fundamental male/female differences. What she learned transformed forever the way she perceives and interacts with all of the men in her life.

After 7 years of living the single lifestyle, dating, and practicing the principles she was learning, Dr. Sherie met and married Paul Zander. Twenty years later, Paul died of cancer. She is convinced that without the knowledge of these powerful principles, their marriage would not have lasted a year. Today Dr. Sherie is blessed beyond measure to be married to Dr. William Lomax. She believes Bill to be God’s gift!

In 2001, Dr. Sherie created “Can’t Love Without It”, a company dedicated to providing amazing information about male/female differences, and in the process, has transformed hundreds of relationships. Her mission is to share the secrets she discovered with as many men and women possible.

Her daughter, Relationship Expert, Keri Newell, established “Can’t Date Without It”, a company that gives men and women the opportunity to move from mystery to mastery in the complex world of dating. Keri has also created “Can’t Succeed Without It,” which provides information to empower women in the workplace. At its core is the fundamental skill of learning to speak the “male language” — a tool that is essential for women interacting effectively with men at work.

These companies have combined to become “Communication Magic With Men”.