Dr. Sherie Zander

Remember how happy you felt when you first fell in love with your partner? How you felt so loved, like you were complete, whole, cherished and adored?

Then something happened.

You started disagreeing, fighting, and stopped speaking at times. You didn’t understand the reactions you were getting. You often become hurt and angry.

Do you ever wonder… where did the love go? And is it possible to bring it back?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Relationships are difficult. They have always been difficult, but today, because of:

  • the pace of our lives
  • the shifting roles of women and men
  • the effects of work on our home lives

The increase in friction is destroying couple harmony.

Men and women are competing in the business world all day long and continue acting out their roles when they get home. This often results in:

  • disharmony at home
  • more fights
  • feelings of being neglected or ignored
  • feeling like an outsider
  • misunderstandings
  • power struggles
  • frequent blow ups

It can feel very competitive, like there are two males competing with each other!

This may cause men to withdraw, back away, shut down, become rageaholics, and lose interest in intimacy.

You know something is wrong, but you can’t figure it out and you don’t know what to do.

Very few women realize that they hold a great deal of power in relationships.

Most women are more:

  • tuned into family dynamics
  • relationship oriented
  • effective communicators
  • sensitive to others’ feelings

Here’s the most astonishing thing: in romantic relationships, when the woman changes her behavior, so does the man! This is how God has created us to be.

Men respond as a result of receiving respect for who they are. Most men long for that and are waiting to be respected. When we respect them, they fall in love with us again.

Many women don’t realize most men are dedicated to making us happy!

When you understand how to show respect for your man, he in turn is motivated to make you happy.

That’s why my work focuses on helping women step into their feminine energy so it will transform a painful relationship into one that is harmonious, happy and loving.

I call it “communication magic with men”, because my patients tell me it works like magic!

It’s immediate and permanent when you really understand our God-given male and female differences.

It’s time to take action, get out of the misery and pain you’re feeling and bring back the love and happiness your relationship had when you first fell in love.

I work with couples and individuals who are single or married.  Also, I provide help for healing childhood issues, grief, depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors.

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