Attention Women Entrepreneurs:

Are You Sick & Tired of Wasting
Time With the Wrong Men?

Don’t Go On Another Date
Until You Read This…

From: Keri Newell, Beverly Hills, California, USA
Thursday, 12:41pm

Dear Friend,

And I really do consider you my friend because I know what you’re going through.

If you’re like most of my clients, you might be thinking:

“I want a man in my life but my last break up was painful.”

“I don’t want to waste my time and set myself up for ANOTHER disappointment.”

“I keep attracting the same type of man, over and over again.”

“My biological time clock is ticking!”

“I just can’t seem to connect with the men I want to meet. Where are they?”

“Why is this so frustrating?”

Believe me, you are not alone and it’s not your fault!

You’re a smart, creative, strong woman. You’re a leader in your business and you love being paid well for your talents and contributions.

Your life may even revolve around your career… not that that’s a bad thing. Success is important to you and adds to the confident, accomplished woman that you are.

But there’s still something missing, isn’t there?

You’re connected to telephones and computers all day long, running your business. But you don’t have a satisfying intimate connection with the romantic partner you long for.

Most nights, you go to bed alone. You wake up alone. There’s something in your heart that feels empty.

You wonder if you’ll ever get to share your mornings with a strong, supportive man. The kind of man that makes you glow from the inside out and feel like a queen.

You know you deserve a great man that matches your power… someone who’s intelligent, successful and emotionally open.

But does he even exist?
And will you find him before it’s too late to start a family together?

bride_groom_SmallAfter all, you’re in the prime of your life. If you’re ever going to have children, it has to happen SOON.

I don’t want you waste your time like I did.

Let me share a personal story with you. It could spare you a lot of pain and heartache…

How I Called Off My Wedding

5 years ago, I met the nicest guy. He was attractive, hard-working, fun, and he absolutely adored me. In fact, he loved everything about me.

We had great chemistry and our relationship grew quickly. We had a lot in common – we both liked the outdoors and had similar core values.

He really swept me off my feet. I was so in love! He traveled for work and was often gone for 3 months at a time. I knew this wouldn’t work for me. When I shared this with him – he changed his career to be with me!

“I was elated! I thought,
‘This is the guy I’m meant to be with. This is it!’”

Before we met, I had made a list of non-negotiables. I wanted to make sure I was clear about what I needed in a relationship and didn’t settle for the wrong man.

As we began to get to know each other, I started to see a few things that were a conflict. They partially matched my “must haves” but not completely.

I was so caught up with how connected, loved and adored I felt with him, that I decided to compromise on what was important to me.

You have to give a little in a partnership, right? Well that’s what I thought.

A year later we were engaged. The relationship was not without its problems – but I thought that was normal.

Another year later we owned a home together and the wedding was 5 weeks away. Everything was planned.

“My life was turning out exactly as
I had always dreamed it would…”

…A hard-working man who loved and adored me, a beautiful home, plans for kids, and being a stay-at-home mom…

Except I was miserable!

The stress of owning a home had caused a lot of tension between us. The foundation of our relationship started to crumble.

I was having nightmares about saying the words “I DO” at the wedding – or rather not being able to say the words.

I realized that the areas where I had compromised so early on in the relationship were the missing ingredients for my happily ever after. I knew these were not going to change.

“When the 1st wedding gift was delivered,
I knew what I had to do.”

I called off my wedding!!

It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. I was hurt, embarrassed, angry, and disappointed.


AND I knew if I continued down the path I was on, I would be stuck in an unhappy downward spiral. The crumbling of our relationship would affect every area of my life…raising my kids, my career, my friendships, and my self-esteem.

That passionless life flashed before my eyes, and I just couldn’t go forward.

“Now I know what it takes to avoid  diving into the wrong relationship…
and how to know from the  beginning if he’s Mr. Right or not.”

I want to show you how to have your dream relationship, so you DON’T find yourself returning wedding gifts or waking up alone for the rest of your life.

My passion is to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

There was a time in my life when I felt desperate and dated any man that had potential. I met guys online, when I went out at night, and smiled at attractive men I ran into during the day.

Unfortunately, I experienced many disappointments and wasted a lot of time with this unfocused approach.

I decided that I needed to create a plan. I removed myself from the online dating site, and got to work.

“I’m having lots of fun meeting people online and off. Thank-you Keri!”

laurie“Keri’s tele-class has re-opened my eyes to timeless principles of romantic relationships.

Keri’s common sense approach and gifted communication skills have given me the reassurance I needed to rest confidently upon what I know intuitively as a woman.

I deserve nothing less than what I want. I’m happy with my life as it is at present. And I’m having lots of fun meeting people online and offline. Thank-you Keri!”

Laurie Hannum
Charlotte, North Carolina

“I got immediate results!”

“After my 18 year marriage ended, I wanted to make sure my next relationship was successful. I didn’t understand a lot of the male behaviors I had experienced.

I got immediate results after working with Keri!  I feel empowered as a woman and have given up on my fear when it comes to relating to men… period! I am now confident that I can work out any challenge that comes up in my relationship.”

Pamela Kissel,
Professional Organizer

“I developed a special system to get CRYSTAL CLEAR  on what I wanted and HOW I was going to create a relationship that made me happy.”

Things changed completely. I saw my life in a whole new light.

I changed my career, treated myself differently, and felt happier than ever before. I had fewer dates with better connections.

The difference between quality and quantity was clear…and I was finally attracting what I WANTED.

After much research, trial, and error with my own dating life, I decided to create a Playbook for other women struggling to find satisfying relationships with truly great men.

I want to share a proven system that WORKS and is the solution to getting “unstuck” in your love life. I have used these exercises in my own life and with my clients.

I’ve seen amazing results…

“I am attracting exactly what I want!”

“I knew that I was ready to find the love of my life and settle down in a deep and meaningful relationship. I was dating a lot and the men I was interested in were not reciprocating. But the men that liked me were not what I wanted. It was so time consuming and frustrating!

Working with Keri, I discovered the secret to dating smarter, not harder. I learned how to enjoy the process, and I am attracting exactly what I want! I am now dating several quality men I really like and I am not attached to the outcome.”

Meg Haworth
Los Angeles, California

“We are so happy!”

“Working as much as I do, it was very hard to meet a man, much less have a great relationship with one. With Keri’s unique program, I was able to find the time and experience the value of having romance in my life again.

I am now in an amazing relationship with a man that adores me – just the way I am. With the communication tools Keri shared with me, I have a newfound respect for him. We are so happy and have a strong bond we cherish.”

Dana Lyn
Los Angeles, California

The Top 3 Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know what’s keeping you from meeting Mr. Right?

There are plenty of amazing men out there – you’ve just got to know how to attract them. But most women don’t realize they’re making crucial mistakes when it comes to men.

Chances are, you’re not even aware of the ways you might be unconsciously turning men off or blinding yourself to a fulfilling, long-term relationship.

My passion is helping women have the relationship of their dreams. I have been teaching, coaching, speaking, observing and interviewing men and women about their romantic relationships for over 15 years.

I have been teaching seminars for “Can’t Love Without It” with my mother, Sherie Zander, Psychotherapist and Doctor of Psychology.

In fact, when my mother was pregnant with me, she was teaching seminars called “On Being a Woman.” I was clearly born to do this work and my training began in the womb!

I have helped guide many women into healthy, happy dating lives. Many of my clients have gone from dating to engaged to married.

Here are the Top 3 Dating Mistakes Women Make, which I’ve discovered from my personal and professional experience…

1. You make dating another task on your to-do list

kissingfrogThis is where the “FUN” around dating has disappeared. It’s frustrating when you’re not clear about how or what to change to get the results you want.

This causes a “negative results” ripple effect:

A. You have a date to go on

B. You’re not excited because past experience tells you the chances are slim it will be a match

C. You get ready and put on your best game face

D. You think, “Maybe it’s a numbers game – If I kiss enough frogs… I’ll get my PRINCE.”

E. And – like you predicted… another frog!


If you continue with this mindset, you will inevitably get what you expect.

You are giving unconscious negative signals. It comes across in how you dress, feel, and interact with men. They can sense these subtle things about you, even if you don’t say anything!

In my Dater’s Playbook, I share the secrets behind sending the right signals to men and how to avoid pushing them away.

I also teach you how to create a mindset that attracts the love of your life. There is so much more to this than makeup, clothes or your physical appearance.

2. You don’t understand how men think

There are so many differences between men and women – as you must know – and this affects the way we perceive reality.

Here’s an example:

As a woman, it’s important for you to “connect” with a man. You do this by gathering all the “details” about him – his likes, dislikes and hobbies.

Men, although interested in you, don’t connect by getting details about you. It’s not how they are wired.

If all he does is talk about himself on a date, you might think he’s not interested in you. This is a common mistake.

He is simply trying to impress you by bragging about his accomplishments. He wants you to know what a great man he is and if he’s feeling a little nervous, talking about himself is a topic he knows well. It assures him that he will not ask the wrong questions or bring up risky topics that might upset you.

There are so many more fascinating dynamics to discover about how men and women interact, which I describe in my Dater’s Playbook. Once you know them, dating won’t seem so frustrating or confusing.

You’ll find yourself appreciating men more and enjoying your dating experiences.

3. You make choices based on chemistry

I always tell my clients that how they feel when they are on a date is important. You should feel happy, attractive, desirable, and comfortable – to name a few.

But then there’s chemistry.

When you feel a strong amount of chemistry with a man, you are in a danger zone.

• You ignore the red flags

• You get intimate too soon

• You feel a false sense of security

• You believe that nothing can go wrong because the connection is so strong

When chemistry is confused with long term attraction, it is like being on a big bad rollercoaster. The ride is fast, exciting, and short-lived. When it ends, there is a huge amount of hurt, pain and disappointment.

The good news is, chemistry can develop over time! In my Dater’s Playbook, I describe the 4 key stages of relationship. You’ll see how things naturally progress and become more clear about your attraction.

The most important thing to understand is – be conscious of how you make major decisions, especially when it comes to intimacy, opening your heart and committing to a man.

“Most women are just missing  education in this area,
and now  you have the opportunity to change that…”

“In only 4 weeks I met a wonderful man!”

“Before Keri’s class, finding a date was never an issue; it was finding the “right” date. Keri gave me the tools I needed to attract the “right” man into my life and how to relate to him from my feminine side.

In only 4 weeks, I met a wonderful man with the “must have” qualities that I desired! Keri showed me I didn’t have to “settle” for less. I feel confident in saying that if it wasn’t for Keri, I wouldn’t have met him. If you are tired of meeting Mr. “almost” Right, Keri will show you how to meet Mr. Right, finally!”

Cynthia E.
Menominee, MI

“We are happily married!”

“Before Keri coached me, I seemed to just be dating the same type of guy, over and over. I was about to give up completely.

After following Keri’s advice, I was able to attract, and… best of all, KEEP the best guy I could have ever imagined! Keri gave me the tools I needed to have the amazing communication we now share. We are so happily married!”

Sandra Robinson
Los Angeles, California


The Dater’s Playbook

7 Steps to Dating Success


Workbook and Accompanying Audio

This is the perfect guide no matter how bad you think your dating challenges are.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to stop wasting time with the same disappointing men
  • How to avoid getting stuck in the wrong relationship
  • How to QUICKLY identify the type of man that is ideal for you
  • Where to find him
  • How to flirt the right way & magnetize him to you
  • What to wear to bring out your best self & not give the wrong message
  • What NOT to say in your dating conversations
  • How to move gracefully through awkward dating moments
  • Subtle signals and the meaning behind “male language”
  • What compels him to be a generous giver
“Sounds perfect!” Click here to order.

“I’m now in a committed relationship that I wouldn’t have without Keri. Thank you!”

“Before working with Keri, I was dating several men and I was really unclear about what I wanted. I didn’t know what to do. And I really didn’t want to ruin another relationship.

I was awestruck by what Keri had to share. After working with her, I immediately felt more excited about dating. I’m now in a committed relationship that I wouldn’t have without Keri. Thank you!”

Angela Proffitt
Los Angeles, California

“My relationships with men have greatly improved!”

“Before I met Keri, I felt really confused about dating etiquette. I thought I was doing it all wrong. As a result, my dating life was really stressful and frustrating. I needed support and guidance.

I started seeing results immediately after working with Keri. I was so relieved! I now feel capable and worthy of finding a suitable mate. My relationship relationships with men have greatly improved.”

Sherry Olsen
Los Angeles, California

“Finally…a simple system to attract an AMAZING Man Who
Cherishes and Adores You, Just the Way You Are…”

This 7 step system was created just for the busy entrepreneur. It is the nuts and bolts, the bottom line – the handbook to make it happen!

This is not another long book you need to sit down and read night after night. It’s designed to get you started – RIGHT AWAY. It has simple but powerful techniques to help you get you the results you want.

The Playbook includes 37 pages packed with exercises designed to help you create your own personal dating plan for success.

There is also a 60-minute audio training to walk you through the steps described in the Playbook.

Here’s what you will discover:

10 Key Questions to spark valuable dating conversations without scaring him away

Dating Affirmations to create a positive mindset that attracts the RIGHT men

The step-by-step system to get crystal clear on what you want

Stories and examples to show you how great dating dynamics work

Motivating tips to help you meet more great men

The 4 stages of every relationship and how to identify them

The easy flirting technique to magnetize him to you

• Secrets about the male mindset behind dating and pursuing women

• Fun journaling exercises to track your progress and make dating more enjoyable

“Imagine dating SMARTER – not harder.”

You are meeting the men you adore and you are actually enjoying your time with them! You can’t wait for the next date…let alone the next phone call.

Things are different now…

You feel empowered, attractive and irresistible. The men you attract are more than you had ever hoped for.

What would that be worth to you?

To have several amazing men to choose from… that you actually enjoy being with?

The Dater’s Playbook

7 Steps to Dating Success


“You can’t date without it!”

“The Dater’s Playbook contains some of the most essential tools we need to successfully date and relate but are never taught.  I recommend it to my clients.  The section on the differences between the masculine and feminine energies is not to be missed!  You can’t date without it!”

Phyllis Chase, Psychotherapist
& Talk Show Host of Shrink Rap

Are you ready fof HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

Let me give you the biggest piece of advice that I learned from a very wealthy mentor of mine. She said, “When you are considering an opportunity, don’t look at what it costs. Look at what it’s WORTH to you.”

What will it COST if you don’t seize this opportunity?

I can tell you the strategies you’ll learn in The Dater’s Playbook are the same ones that I consistently use in my own life.

“I help my clients go from single and lonely…
to THRIVING and HAPPY in loving, successful relationships.”

What would THAT be worth to YOU? Hmm…

Make your dating life SIMPLE and PAINLESS with my proven system that works.

Can’t wait to get started?  Click here to order The Dater’s Playbook, workbook and accompanying audio!  

The Dater’s Playbook

7 Steps to Dating Success


Up until now, I have only shared this information with my private coaching clients, who pay me $2500 and more to turn their dating lives around.

But I decided I wanted to help more women and share this valuable information at a fraction of the price. I don’t want money to stand in your way.

So here’s my special offer to you.

The regular price of this Playbook + Audio Training is $99 and the value is so much more considering how it can change your life.

For a limited time only, I want to offer you The Dater’s Playbook + Audio Training for a special introductory price of just $29.95.

This will be the BEST investment you’ve EVER made in your self –

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, I will refund your investment in full, no questions asked. There is no risk!


“I have a whole new appreciation for men!”

“Being a busy entrepreneur, my main focus has been the success of my business and clients. When it came to relationships with men, I was unclear how to get my needs met, and how to have the relationship I always wanted. Running a business takes a certain set of skills, which are not necessarily the same ones needed to create a fulfilling relationship!

Keri’s principles were easy to apply, and with a few simple shifts, I have a whole new appreciation for men. I understand the major differences between us, so now I know what to expect. I have the tools to handle frustrating situations and not take things personally.”

Sofia Agras
Santa Monica, California

“Can you imagine being in the SAME STUCK PLACE…
6 months from now?”

There’s no reason to wait. Don’t keep yourself from the fulfilling, exciting relationship you deserve.

Trust me, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten…

Your time for change is NOW!

“YES Keri, I’m ready to FINALLY stop my dating struggles and learn the shortcut to a lasting, happy relationship.”

“The Dater’s Playbook and audio training is available for a limited time at the special introductory price of $29.95.”

I understand I will get:

  • The exclusive Dater’s Playbook, 7 Steps to Dating Success, which I can download immediately once I order.
  • 60-minute Audio Training that walks me through the workbook, available as an audio download.
  • An Unconditional Guarantee that I will LOVE Keri’s Playbook – or my money back.


I look forward to seeing YOU find the FUN, HAPPINESS and FEMININITY you’ve been craving in your life!

All my best,


Keri Newell
Dating & Relationship Coach

p.s. – Remember that you are the only one who can make the change. Say “Yes” to yourself and you WILL attract the great men you are yearning for. Click here to order the The Dater’s Playbook.